Forensic Psychology On Psychological Issues And Situations

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Meaghan Hill
Hostile and Confused Forensic psychology focuses on psychological issues and situations in the law, through the law, and of the law. Professionals in this field use their expertise with human behaviors and motivations to provide assessment services for the courts and may also consult in criminal investigations. An important psychological skill that is used in ongoing investigations and in many criminal settings is the ability to talk with people in different types of crisis situations. This could involve an eyewitness, a crime survivor, a suicidal jumper, or a deranged man holding hostages. Understanding the art of negotiation for a variety of circumstances requires both knowledge and experience. We’ll look at victim issues, interrogations, and negotiating with hostage takers in this paper, and use a basic understanding of the subject to explain how forensic psychology is used in the show Criminal Minds and in real life.

VICTIMS In “Bloodlines,” Prentiss tells a crime survivor that she’s going to assist her to recall details by using a “cognitive interview.” This forensic technique focuses on the retrieval of information from memory. Its aim is to mentally reinstate the context of the incident in order to assist a witness to recall every possible detail in the right order (Cambell, John, and DeNevi, 2004). To start such an interview, the interview invites free recall with an open-ended question. When the witness is finished, the interviewer returns to

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