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Education is very essential in life no matter what age you are. Every day is a new learning experience, and the possibilities are endless. We are all different people with different mindsets and life experiences. But, we do not need traditional schooling to further our experiences in education. We all can learn various things that schooling will not be able to teach. Formal education can enforce freedom, but to a certain extent. Social class and race can shape the education system on very high grounds. In many ways, social class and race affect the education system. For instance, if one is African American, they would be judged entirely on the color of their skin rather than their knowledge. Is that fair? Absolutely not! They get …show more content…

A person is more likely to be more successful in life when attaining a higher degree. They can pursue a successful career that they are passionate about. Higher education is beneficial because no matter what you choose to do it will always be there to back you up in the future. Having a college degree can help you with financial stability as well. But, in today’s world, does having a college degree mean you can get any job at any given place or time? Not always will you find jobs that need certain degrees to be placed in jobs. Many places prefer no degree than having one. Some jobs require something even higher. There are a few limitations on having higher education. Also, by having higher education, it does not necessarily mean a person knows everything. You may have little to no education and still learn and know more things than someone with higher education can. For example, in Blue-Collar Brilliance, Mike Rose; Rose’s mother had dropped out of school to help support her family in a diner. She did not need school or a degree to develop psychological skills. She knew how things worked in a person by socially connecting to them. “Her tip depended on how well she responded to these needs, and so she became adept at reading social cues and managing feelings, both the customers’ and her own.” (Rose). That goes to show that higher education is not always needed in workplaces that use more connection to humans

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