Formal Written Communication

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In this booklet I will be:
P1- Describing different types of formal written communication used in the uniformed public services.

‘An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities and financial performance.’ (22/01/15)

Annual reports in the police
The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are required to produce an annual report at the end of the financial year. This report must include an assessment of the extent to which, during that year, proposals have been implemented, and things done, in accordance with the
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They must also write a main summary outlining the main findings in the report under the four healthy establishment areas, which are listed below:
Healthy prison area
Subject area
Courts, escorts and transfers
Early days in custody
Bullying and violence reduction (including care of vulnerable prisoners) Self-harm and suicide prevention
Safeguarding (protection of adults at risk)
Incentives and earned privileges
Substance misuse
Residential units
Staff-prisoner relationships
Equality and diversity
Faith and religious activity
Legal rights
Health services
Purposeful activity
Time out of cell
Learning and skills and work activities
Physical education and healthy living
Strategic management of resettlement
Offender management and planning
Reintegration planning

Each prison needs to ensure that each point in the table is being enforced and the prisoners are healthy, happy and well looked after.

In the police:
Standard operating procedures combine guidance, information and instruction for officers and staff, which describe in practical terms the work or activity to be carried out to ensure a fair, consistent and reliable approach is taken. Whilst Standard operating procedures set out processes and procedures it is recognised that there will be circumstances requiring action on the part of officers or
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