Formation Beyonce

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For the second time in her career, Beyonce released a new, unexpected single/music video called “Formation”. There initially was much chatter about her new album but no one could have expected it to be so controversial. As a long-time fan, I spent some time analyzing what she was trying to convey to us, the listeners/viewers.

Formation is very different from what we are used to hearing from Queen Bey. It is not at all main-stream as most of her work had been previously. You certainly would not hear this music playing while you are shopping for groceries. It is miles away from “Single Ladies”.

“Formation” is hailed by Beyonce’s fans as a black power anthem and declaration that she supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement. While Beyoncé doesn’t officially say or shows the words “Black Lives Matter” in the music video, it introduces audiences to a side of Beyoncé that her fans haven’t seen before, a gritty and perhaps even a political side.

The video showcases a child dancing in front of police …show more content…

Specifically, she targets her haters who criticized her for keeping her daughter’s hair in it’s natural afro state. Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s beautiful daughter was placed front and centre as the little girl confidently smiled at the camera, all the while Beyonce sings about “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros”. She is setting an example for her daughter to love herself and be proud of who she is. She makes reference to liking her “negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils” as many African American women undergo surgery to change their looks in order to fit into society.

The music video has much symbolism and displays double meanings. The title of the song “Formation” could mean black women need to fall in formation and to be proud of themselves and their heritage as well. It can also be a pun telling black women to get in-formation meaning black women need to get information about being unapologetically

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