Former Ambassador Samantha Power Research Paper

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Former Ambassador Samantha Power is an incredible example of a woman who has climbed the ladder to the top, immigrating to America at age 9 and eventually becoming the United States Ambassador to the UN. Samantha Power began her career as a war correspondent, a stepping stone that would give her an insight into the conditions people face in times of war and turmoil, conditions that mirror conditions of war today. Initially, Power tried to shed light on the casualties of war by writing articles and eventually books. However, Power soon realized that writing would not be enough to effect the change she wanted to see. In 2005, she joined then-Senator Barack Obama’s office as a foreign policy fellow and later joined his presidential campaign. As she entered politics, she continued to advocate for the issues she had made her name on. Power continued to ascend after President Obama took office, taking positions at the National Security Council and United Nations. However, she never became a …show more content…

Her commitment to human rights comes from her personal experience, making her a strong advocate on the global stage for those who cannot defend themselves. I respect her for her tenacity even after entering politics, never having compromised her beliefs to gain political capital. To have such a role model for me speaking at the Richmond Forum is an incredible experience. I would love to hear Ambassador Power’s remarks and her insight on America’s approach to foreign policy, especially at a time when the world is at a critical point in international relationships. I believe current leaders should take note of the ethical but also pragmatic Power takes, but it is just as important for future leaders to learn from her example. While it may be presumptuous to label myself as “a future leader”, people like Samantha Power are the ones who inspire me to such

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