Forrest Carter The Education Of Little Tree Summary

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The bright and bold details and explanations by Forrest Carter in The Education of Little Tree lead to much more than that you would think. When reading these descriptions you see the colors whirling around in your mind like you were really there but, you also learn a new aspect of the Cherokees, you see their true love and respect for nature. The Education of Little Tree is about a young boy named Little Tree. When Little Tree’s parents die when he was 4 years old he is brought into the custody of his Cherokee Grandparents. He reaches many bumps and turns in his path of learning and adventures which builds him into an independent young man. Overall, In The Education of Little Tree, Carter’s descriptive words and passages in the wild, beautifully describe how Cherokees see nature. Little Tree’s Secret spot perfectly demonstrates the way that the Cherokee see and respect nature. Little tree’s secret spot is a clearing in the woods with a stream running through it. Little Tree loves and respects this place and he stays in it quite often. While reading you can see that little tree sees so much detail and beauty in this place. For example, Carter writes: [Little Tree] would go far up the spring branch, wading the clear water, bending low through the green feather curtains of the weeping willows that hung down, trailing branch tips in the current. Water ferns made green lace that curved over the stream and offered holding places for the little water spiders (Carter,
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