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I would like to present my students with an exciting course that teaches the history of film and helps each student become more familiar with various cinematic techniques. Throughout the course, I will assign a diverse group of films for my students to watch outside of class that will educate them about various representations of humanity on film. There are a countless number of outstanding films that I would like to assign my students with, yet we only have 15 weeks of class, so I must limit myself to 7-9 films for the semester. I plan to assign films that follow the certain chapter our class is studying at the time, which will help students understand important scenes from each film that we study. Following each film, I would
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I selected Forrest Gump (1994) as the first film to assign, primarily since it is my personal all-time favorite and one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time. Tom Hanks did an exceptional job playing the role of Forrest Gump and won several prestigious awards for his performance. I believe Forrest Gump teaches an important life lesson to the audience, that you will never know what you are capable of doing if you do not give it a shot. The film spans generations to tell the fictional story of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), who continuously overcomes adversity throughout his life. Forrest Gump was able to break free from the leg braces that held him back as a young boy and later enjoyed a successful career as a college athlete followed by countless additional achievements. Gump lived an extraordinary life in which he met some of the most influential figures of his era, including Elvis Presley and JFK. One of the most famous quotes from the film is from Forrest’s mother who said, “Life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get.” I believe that quote teaches us to always be open-minded and expect the unexpected because we never know what opportunities our life will present us with. Forrest Gump will be a great movie to start the class with and will introduce my students to several different concepts of
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