Forrest Gump Said That, “Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates,

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Forrest Gump said that, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” Highly Effective Instructors know that this is not the case. These type of instructors know there is usually a guide (an organization) on the inside lid which indicated what each type of chocolate contains. Trait number six is ORGANIZED (PICTURES) Organized area, Sloppy area
Instructor organization can be divided into two broad areas: 1) administrative organization and 2) educational organization.

Heading Descriptive: Administrative Organization

With respect to administrative organization, Highly Effective Instructors always turn in grades on time and hand back assignments in a timely fashion. These instructors are never found at the …show more content…

1 would indicate Highly Ineffective and 5 would indicate Highly Effective.
It is time to measure yourself on the trait of ORGANIZATION. How often does you class start on time and end on time? How often do you use a well-defined lesson plan? How often do you turn in grades and assignments in on time?

You can use the following as a guideline for measuring yourself with respect the trait.
1- I never emulate the trait
2- I rarely emulate the trait
3- I sometimes emulate the trait
4- I usually emulate the trait
5- I emulate the trait throughout the class period

Question: What would a High Effective Instructor do if asked to step in to a class in the last second as a substitute?
Typically, the first thing he or she would do it ask for the lesson plan for that day and review it as much as they could before the class started.

Module 2 - Subsection 2: “Adjusting Trait”

Heading Descriptive: Adjusting Versus Being Organized

(PICTURES) Vehicle swerving to miss and object in the road.
Do remember the last trait, number six – ORGANIZED? The emphasis of the trait was that Highly Effective Instructors always has a meticulous plan that they following precisely. The next trait, number seven, bring us back to the reality that a perfectly planned out lesson will never goes as plan. Trait number seven is ADJUSTING.

Heading Descriptive: What can cause an Adjustment?

(PICTURES) Student

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