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Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation was founded in 1863 when Mr. Henry Williams purchased Old Fort Park and donated it to the city of Fort Wayne. Since then, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation has continued to grow acquiring 85 more parks which include Reservoir Park in 1880, Foster Park golf course in 1928, Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo in 1962, the Botanical Conservatory in 1979 and more recently Robert E. Meyer’s Park in 2008. This organization does much more for the community than just taking care of the city’s parks. Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation also hosts many activities in town including multiple different camps for children and young adults. (City of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, 2013) The employees of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation …show more content…

(City of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, 2013) Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation organization budgeted for and planned a way to help save this tree species. For the past couple years, biannual Ash tree treatments have been in place to help save the Ash trees of Fort Wayne. This past summer 647 Ash trees in Fort Wayne were treated to prevent the Ash Borer from killing them. Because this treatment is a biannual treatment, only half of the population of Ash trees was treated the summer of 2013. The other half of the population was treated the previous summer and will be treated again in the summer of 2014. (City of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, 2013) Davey Resource group was the lowest bidder and took on the project of treating the Ash trees. “Davey Resource Group provides a full range of natural resource and utility consulting services to the commercial, residential, municipal and governmental markets.” (Davey)
The question arose about the cost benefits of treating the tree versus cutting them down. It cost approximately $43.00 to treat one tree versus the $400.00 to cut the tree down, grind the stump away, and plant a new tree in its place. Even though many Ash trees have been saved by this treatment, it was too late for some. So far 10,500 Ash trees have been cut down in the city of Fort Wayne because they were attacked by the Ash Borer. This year another 2,447 will be cut down also. Mudrack Tree Experts have

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