Foundation Of The Earth Short Story

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The story “Foundation of the Earth” by Randall Kenan tells us about the life of 70 years old Mrs. Maggie MacGowan Williams. She lives in a small community where religious standards and principles are considered extremely important and people who do something that is not in accordance to the doctrine are frowned upon. Ms. Maggie’s grandson Edward has just died and she found out that the reason he had stayed away from home all these years was because he was gay and married to another man. According to her, she had always followed the laws of the bible and raised her grandson in the church but could not comprehend how he could live his life in such sin. She is trying to come to terms with this new development and keeping it a secret from the community. For the love she has for her grandson, whom she has raised as her own son since he was a baby, Ms. Maggie tries to be open-minded and accept her granson’s sexualilty even though it goes against everything she has believed in her christian values. This story exemplifies that fact that many people believe that christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive and do not go hand in hand. Ms. Maggie is trying to take a stand and show people that it can work by accepting her grandson’s sexuality and his husband and still uphold her christian morals. This story demonstrates and research confirms that a majority of people still view homosexuality as a choice; and that the attempt to reconcile between being gay and christian
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