Essay on Homosexuality and the American Baptist Church

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Homosexuality in the Baptist Church:
Homosexuality is one of the most debated issues among Christians today, regardless of the denomination of their church. Some churches view homosexuality as a sin and have no tolerance for it, while other denominations are more accepting and consider it a non-sin. Even though some denominations have taken a stand on homosexuality, there seems to much discord within the governing bodies of the churches regarding this issue. It has moved from a topic rarely discussed and considered very personal and private, to a mainstream topic of conversation.
Although there has been a growing acceptance among certain Christian denominations regarding homosexuals, the American Baptist Church has remained firm in its
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They also established a Commission on Human Sexuality Resources to provide clarification and guidance for a Christian understanding of God’s gift of sexuality.
By June of 1992 the General Board of the American Baptist Church was being pressured by some of their member churches to accept the practice of homosexuality within their denomination. A resolution called “Homosexuality and the Church”, which identified Gods plan for the fulfillment of sexual union to be one man and one woman in heterosexual, monogamous, and lifelong marriage, was narrowly defeated. The resolution further stated that “the redeeming love of Christ” is available to practicing homosexuals as it is to all who turn to him in faith and repentance.
Then a few months later, in October 1992, the General Board was again approached and was forced to vote regarding the issues of homosexuality in their church. They finally agreed to issue a one sentence standing that was called “American Baptist Resolution on Homosexuality”. The sentence briefly stated “We affirm that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” This started the ball rolling and in June of 1993 the General Board next came up with another resolution that was called “American Baptist Resolution Calling for Dialogue on Human Sexuality”. That resolution states “that there exists a variety of understandings throughout our denomination on issues of human sexuality

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