Four Main Characters in Othello by William Shakespeare

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Othello is a play about the Moor of Venice who is a black man in the 1600's. The play revolves around four central characters: Othello, a general in the Venetian army; his new wife, Desdemona; his lieutenant, Cassio; and his trusted ensign, Iago. Even though Othello isn't introduced until (Act 1 Scene2), there are several perceptions we already have of him. Since Iago is the first to speak of Othello, we may conclude that Othello is an animal or a man that doesn't deserve to be a part of Venetian society. However, when he is introduced into the play, the reader can see that he is nothing like he is portrayed to be. He is accused of a number of things in the beginning, both good and bad things dealing with religion, race, and his rank in society is even questioned. Throughout the play Othello reveals his true colors. In the play Othello, Shakespeare attempts to expound the weaknesses of human nature concerning the themes of trust, jealousy, and assumptions. During Act 1 Shakespeare introduces Roderigo and Iago by displaying their displaced trust. Iago and Roderigo are both plotting up on Othello. They both dislike him , but they both play very different roles in his life. Iago, who is supposed to be his trusty ensign, envies Othello's position in society. Iago is twenty - eight years old and feels he has been passed over for a promotion to lieutenant. His motivations seem to originate in an obessesive, almost beautiful delight in exploitaion and annihilation.
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