Four Myths Of Conflict

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Part A (10%)
Explain the terms of Conflict based on your own understanding. Identify and explain 4 (FOUR) myths of conflict.
In the first part of the assignment, we are required to share and discuss the terms of conflict and the myths that evolve around it based on our own understanding. Conflict is understood unequivocally by the influence of the way one ponders the idea of conflict. Meanings of conflict move in reverse and advance between the strife being seen as a negative or as a positive procedure. (Lyamouri-Bajja, Genneby, Markosyan and Ohana, 2012). Sometimes, conflict is presented as a marvel characteristic, an outsider or irregular occurrence in social life, but others consider it as an important condition for the advancement and development …show more content…

The most joyful wedded couples are not the ones that never have conflicts but rather the ones that deal with their conflicts in a nurturing way. The truth be told, healthy and unhealthy relationships have different opinions and fight about a similar number of things. There are couples who have conflicts but regard each other. Likewise, they are honest and willing to apologize. ( Pearson, 2007). The fourth myth is not all conflicts can be determined. Every conflict cannot be settled. At times, you may have an esteem distinction with an individual that you can't resolve and all the contending on the planet wouldn't alter both of your opinions. So you should quit and understand that it will be an unsettled conflict.
Conflict is a typical cycle of persisting connections. It is unavoidable and unresolved only because numerous feelings influences conflict. ( Herstin, 2002 ). On the other hand, compassion can be used as a shared responsibility with poise and regard. At the end of the day, being genuinely merciful means minding enough to take part in inventive conflicts with somebody. That is a capable opportunity so there is no need to avoid

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