Frank Sinatra Success

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No one will argue against Frank Sinatra's success in the music industry. An Academy Award winner, 11-time Grammy winner, and a Peabody recipient, Frank Sinatra led what many consider a successful life. Although he died wealthy, married, and famous, one must wonder if Frank Sinatra was truly happy? Sinatra was known for mood swings which often resulted in fights, and had attempted suicide multiple times (“8 Things you didn’t Know about Frank Sinatra”). Just because Frank Sinatra was outwardly successful, does not mean he was happy. Many believe that success is rooted within monetary gain. That to be wealthy is to be successful, or to be powerful, but I believe that holistic success has little to do with one’s net worth but rather one’s happiness. By extension, success and happiness do not directly correlate. Success is not necessarily monetary gain or popularity, but rather self-fulfillment and happiness with one’s achievements and choices.
As the 19th century English poet, Robert Browning, puts it, “Better have failed in the high aim, As I/Than vulgarly in the low aim succeed”. In other words, Browning believes that it is more important to fight for achievements that do not only better oneself, but effect change on a deeper level are more honorable, in contrast to the quest for personal gratification. The secular pursuit of wealth or ‘success’ does not always result in one’s life changing for the better. The job promotion you have been eyeing does not come with the promise

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