Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, dreams, nightmares, goals, and aspirations of the the scientist, Victor Frankenstein, and his creation, give insight to events that will occur later in the novel. The dreams and aspirations of Victor Frankenstein and the creature he creates contrast to the harsh realities that they are faced with. Frankenstein’s first dream foreshadows the death of his beloved wife and several others whom he is close to. His second dream foretells a potentially fatal encounter with his creature. His aspiration to become a renowned scientist by creating life from death consequently leads to the demise of Frankenstein’s life and reputation. The creature Frankenstein creates aspires to learn compassion, and how to fit into society. Though the creature learns human behaviors, he suffers from the rejection of his creator, and all people who see him.
After working tirelessly on his creature, Victor Frankenstein is horrified by the appearance of his creation. He fears that his creature is the epitome of evil. Frankenstein goes to his bedroom and tries to sleep. In his slumber, he dreams he is embracing his fiancee, Elizabeth, and she turns into his deceased mother. After awaking from this nightmare and seeing the monster staring and grinning at him, Frankenstein runs from his creation. This frightful dream foreshadows the death of his fiancee Elizabeth, his younger brother William, and his dear friend Henry Clerval. It also foreshadows the death

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