Frankie And Alice Character Analysis

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Frankie and Alice This movie was based during the 1970s in Los Angeles. The main character name is Frankie Murdoch. She is an African American woman who works as a stripper during the night. She is an independent and strong woman. Frankie discovers that she has dissociative identity disorder when she found herself admitted to Pearce Psychiatric Hospital after a violent outburst at a wedding. The doctor who examined her initially is Dr. Oswald. The doctor noticed that Frankie was right handed but when her alter ego surfaced she changed to left handed. He started to investigate and learns that Frankie has two other personalities that comes out when she is in distress. The first personality is called Alice. She appears when Frankie tries to remember a painful event that happened to her in her childhood. Alice is manipulative and has a strong hate towards African American. The reason is because she distinguishes herself as a Caucasian and southern woman who hates African American. She first appeared to the doctor when he asked her about Frankie’s past. She told him that she was tired of being in the shadows and that she can’t stand sharing the same body and compares herself to the doctor who was white. Alice’s personality is completely different from Frankie. She wears high end clothing and likes to go to cocktail parties. The second personality is an 8-year-old girl by the name of “Genius” she comes out when Frankie is scared. Genius is a very smart personality with an IQ

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