Frankie Jimenez Qualities

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Each person in this world has something they want to accomplish, but wanting to accomplish something is easier said than done. We all face struggles or barriers if you will, that hold us back from our accomplishments, but there are certain qualities or traits that get us where we need to be. A young man named Frankie Jimenez once was an illegal immigrant from Tlaquepaque, Mexico, but he has moved to California with his family in hopes of a better life. He has balanced school and work to support his family and has still managed to get several scholarships that got him into the University of Santa Clara. Although, Frankie is from a low social class, like me, he is hardworking and has a supportive family that has got him where he needed to be.…show more content…
(pg1) His parents had found work on Bonetti Ranch where they did field work. Although, they were making money they still weren’t making enough to support the larger family that they ended up having. Frankie became an older brother to three little brothers and one little sister over the span of 8 years. Still making enough money they could not afford much, a nice home being one of those things: “The paint on the outside of our barrack was cracked and chipped, and the front screen door was torn. Our outside toilet, which we shared with our neighbors, leaned to one side. The shed on the side of our house, where we took bathes in a round aluminum tube, was in need of repair, and the water was oily and foul-smelling like rotten eggs ”(Pg 68)
Living in a small beaten up barrack with such a large family wasn’t easy. With only two bedrooms Frankie and his brothers Rubén, Torito, and Trampita had to share a bedroom; Rorra, his little sister, shared a room with their parents. Being so close with your family can be overbearing, but it also has the plus side of bringing them all together. Living in small areas with your family forced a bond, to get to know one another,and to learn from one
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