Franklin D Roosevelt 's New Deal

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I spent a little time on you tube during my research for this essay in order to get an idea of how several current documentaries portray Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal implementations during his presidency throughout the Great Depression. I felt that many of the documentaries seemed only to highlight the benefits of FDR’s leadership as president. I couldn’t help but disagree because some of the mentioned “benefits” just didn’t sound like benefits from my perspective. I also noticed the overwhelming amount of viewer comments left on many of the videos, somewhat to my surprise, were often praising Roosevelt’s actions and contributing the economical come back from the depression to Roosevelt himself with little regard to WWII. What raised my interest even more was the fact that many of the viewers also made sure they mentioned things like: how our current president, Barrack Obama is equally great, as aggressive/ progressive, sensitive to the needs of the masses, and following in the same foot steps as Roosevelt once did. Ultimately my you tube search made it somewhat easier for me to form an opinion on President Roosevelt’s actions during The Great Depression by prompting me to compare a few of our current President, Barack Obama’s, decisions. With that being said I will answer the essay prompt a little differently with hopes that comparison might help me gain a better understanding of economics, feed my curiosity, and ultimately answer the essay prompt effectively.
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