Franklin Roosevelt And The New Deal

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Over the course of the semester I have retained an abundance of information in Professor Tiraterra’s history class. He has informed us on plenty of information and the topic I took most interest in was The New Deal. From my knowledge the underlying issue was the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt won the presidency election in 1932 due to his idea of The New Deal. The New Deal was his solution to help the awful crisis happening in America. Franklin Roosevelt and the government were in search of a variety of means to restore the economy and the hope of the American people. I will discuss the events that lead to the New Deal and the legacy of The New Deal along with some of its successes and failures. I will also talk about the role Franklin Roosevelt took part in shaping the federal governments new powers. In addition, I will consider the pros and cons The New Deal had on the American people’s lives and the perspective it portrays still to this day. Now that I summed up the topics I will discuss, I will begin to talk about the events that led up to the New Deal. I learned in class that the economic boom of the 19 20s came to an end when the stock market crashed on October 1929 leading America into the great Depression. Although it did not cause the depression it did play a major role in sculpting the events in which occurred soon after the market crashed. Consumer spending ceased causing thousands of businesses to fail. Millions of people lost their jobs as companies
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