Franklin D. Roosevelt's Triumph

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The Triumph of Franklin D. Roosevelt The United States has never had another leader like Franklin D. Roosevelt; serving for 12 years, far longer than any other United States president, he had such a profound impact on the nation and the world that he is widely recognized as one of the most revolutionary figures of the 20th Century and one of America's best presidential candidates.5
Due to his unwavering love for the United States and its citizens, Roosevelt always kept America’s best interest in mind with every decision he made. Because of this, Roosevelt transformed the United States into a powerhouse.1 One of Roosevelt’s most important traits as a leader was his ability to sympathize with his fellow citizens, to show that he cared for them and would do everything he could to help them.2 This enhanced his political power by connecting him irreversibly to everyday people. It's something that
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He would hold two or three press conferences per week and had the reporters gather around him, informally, as he sat at his big Oval Office desk. The reporters loved the access and the personal connection to the president, and they became fans of Franklin D. Roosevelt.2 FDR pioneered the use of radio, an increasingly popular medium in the United States.1 He held 30 "fireside chats" during his 12 years as president, addressing the country directly as if he were talking with a household after a family dinner.5 He didn't want to overdo it, knowing that any politician could wear out his welcome with too much exposure. But the fireside chats were eagerly anticipated and made Franklin, with his pleasant, distinctive voice and boundless optimism, a welcome guest in countless
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