Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis Essay

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In this paper I will interpret the short story, The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. My purpose is to explain to my classmates the short story’s goal what Kafka wanted to transmit to people. I want to expand more why this short story is considered one of the best poetic imagination works. In my research I expect to use Kafka’s work, The Metamorphosis as my primary source. Important other sources include essay critiques from different editors, which will help us to understand much more what Franz wanted to express. The point of view of this story is very interesting because it is in the third person. We do not know who narrates the story. There is nobody in the house telling us the story, and there is…show more content…
How can you present to your family and your boss that you are a bug? How are you going to explain it to them? As we see he is not really worried anymore about his body or how come something like this can happen in real life, instead he is worried how is he going to present himself like that in front of other people. He is concerned about work, because he cannot catch the train and go to work that day. He just wonders what should he say to other people when they come and knock in his door. In this part we can see that something wrong and mysterious is going on. How come a person that is just transformed from a normal person to a bug, is not concerned for that, but is concerned about work and his family. In fact when he is concerned about family we come to a very good point. He is concerned for what will happen to his family after he is fired and cannot support them anymore. This shows the altruism of this person. Gregor’s transformation changes everybody’s daily routine. Gregor cannot work anymore. His sister now has to take care about him. His mom does not have a normal life now and on because she is really shocked with what happen and she does not have the courage to go and see Gregor until a long time passes. His dad is more nervous now, and he does not behave like before anymore (Hill 161). Gregor’s sister, Grete, is the only one most caring about him.
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