Fraternities And Sororities Essay

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Fraternities and Sororities are a group of students at universities and colleges who have the same interest, job, purpose, etc. (Merrian-Webster, 1828) Fraternities are a group of men usually they called themselves "brotherhood", it somehow interesting because the members was treated each other as true brother or friends. Sororities are also a group of women who have a purpose. The only different between fraternity and sororities was fraternities were for men and sororities were for women. Usually these two groups were Characterized by Greek Letters. Should Fraternities and Sororities abandon their traditions in terms of Initiation rites to follow the Anti-hazing Law? Yes, the Anti-hazing Law 1995 or Republic Act No. 8047 should followed by any fraternities and sororities. Students may undergo a test to determine their physical, mental and psychological capacity that will lead them in …show more content…

this kind of hazing was not allowed because of the potentially deadly condition of unusual kidney injury according to the National Kidney Foundation's Spring Clinical Meeting. This condition causes muscle to break down, releasing their fibers and enzymes into the body. These enter the bloodstream and plug up the kidney, resulting in potentially fatal damage. One group of researchers presented findings from a 19-year-old man who developed rhabdo after being hazed by his fratenity. He was struck in the back and buttock areas up to 1,000 times with a wooden paddles that was result of injuring his muscle and triggered rhabdomyolysis. (National Kidney Foundation, Inc., April 27, 2011) Using paddles or baseball bat in the initiation rites in any fraternity or sorority can caused a kidney failure to anyone to who are involved in paddling. Not only Kidney failure but also different kind of illness to the body that paddle can

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