Fraudulent Elections: A Look at Russia, Iran and Nigeria

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Despite the governments’ attempts to portray a democratic front, the obvious corruption and fraud involved in the presidential elections over the last few years in Russia, Iran, and Nigeria expose the reality of the situations. In examining the election processes of these three countries, one can clearly see that the electoral body is not independent of the party in power. The poor electoral processes have snowballed into a legitimacy crisis in Nigeria and full-fledged riots in Russia and Iran; though the authorities were able to repress these public demonstrations, the governments’ legitimacy continues to be challenged. The considerable public outcry against the results shows that the elections do not accurately reflect the intentions of…show more content…
Though he stepped down as the president at the end of his term, since the constitution required him to do so, he basically orchestrated “the election of someone [Medvedev] to succeed him as strategic planner, the CEO of Russia Incorporated” to continue his work. Though this created a great deal of resentment, people still generally accepted the ascendancy of Medvedev as the president because the “Russian society…prefers stability over the risk of reconfiguring the Russian political system.” However, despite the government’s widespread propaganda endorsing the fairness of the election, the reelection of Putin as president led to riots and protests in the streets of Russia. “Although the report [from OSCE] did not state outright that the election was ‘not free and fair,’ some of the monitors as the press conference stated that they had not viewed it as free and fair”. The fact that all of the candidates that could have been a potential threat to Putin’s election were disqualified by the CEC (Central Election Committee) for one reason or another and that “four of the five candidates…were nominated by parties with seats in the Duma,” the election of which was also suspected of being fraudulent, creates considerable doubts about the fairness of the nomination process. In addition, most major

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