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The world is mysterious, but what is the world? I used to see the world as the people on the earth, the major events around the world, and as “my life”. Reading “The Magic of Reality”, has changed the way I live. Through reading your book, I have expanded my interest in science, I have strengthened my ability to think outside of the box, and have answered questions I couldn’t understand by asking anyone on the street. The way everything has a place and a history changed all my assumptions on reality.

The rainbow, the sky, the ocean, these are all everyday things that I thought I knew enough about. The vague information I already knew caused me to believe that science was just another subject. After reading your concepts, I could not help re-reading the facts displayed on the page at least ten times. I came to realize near the end of your book that science isn’t just facts, it’s a series of theories and concepts that are crucial to understanding our planet. I read “The Magic of Reality” in sixth grade and to this day have debates in my head about your information. …show more content…

I not only see the world as all the galaxies, all the silent equations, and all the senses. I see as all of the universe through the past and the future. I see the world from the beginning to the unknown end.
Time Travel is referred to as “magic”. Time Travel is real though. Every time you look at the sky, you are seeing the light of several, and even thousands of years before that night. It’s real, it’s true. At that point your book, I was taken through “a trip through time”, back to one hundred years from now, then two hundred years, and so on, until I reached a single celled ameba. This fascinated me beyond of what I can describe. These thoughts made me think outside of reality’s

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