Free College Admissions Essays: Three Things That Describe Me

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Three things that describe me is Smart, determined, and a overachiever. There are many other things that make me the person I am. I feel that there is no such thing as weird and the word normal is overrated. Everyone feels that they are normal, but to some that person’s normal may be strange. I love reading huge books that may take other people weeks to read, singing, and having things organized in a certain way.
Having my life and my plans jotted down like a planner or “to do” list helps me achieve my goals. My determination for life is my flaw to make everything as perfect as can be.

A big part of my life that helps motivate me would be my family. Making my mom proud is the most happiest feeling in life. Probably because I know that when
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Some people may call it OCD but that makes it sound like a sickness or disease to me. Everything in my room, binder, notebook, closet, and work has to be colored coordinated. I don not like my things touched or misplaced. I can not think or work in a filthy area. I do not like to be hugged or touche on mind hands a lot. I get claustrophobic easily. The thought of anything not looking right drives me crazy. I just don’t understand how people can live in such a misplace environment. I need to have all my items in sections so I know where they would be.It is very easy for me to foreget where I put…show more content…
I love how the words of some songs really put in detail how you feel. I started singing when I was in 3rd grade. After 3r grade I was in choir and band. But for some reason when I left elementary school I stop singing and went to pursue only band. I got really good with the wind instrument flute and fell in love with band. I was raised around music so all musical arts just came natural to me. Now I am trying to play a brass instrument such as trumpet. Since the way you play a flute is different from how you play a trumpet I have to start by learning to “bzzz” motes. So far I barely can get a note out and the “bzzzz” is making my mouth tired. Singing helps me deal with life a little bit better. Hard times is common in my family so when I sing I can express those emotions without bundling them up
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