Free Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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College Campuses are one of the places where individuals can practice their freedom of speech, which is protected by the first amendment. Petitions and debates which all fall under this amendment, are seen on campuses all over the United States but for some colleges, it is an issue. Petitions and debates expand the knowledge of students because they are being informed about issues that they might not know about. Also, students are exposed to other point of views that may not be exactly what their own opinions are. Isn’t that what college is for? To gain knowledge and learn? So why is it such an issue?
Free Speech zones, surprisingly, are used on many college campuses. These zones are a small area on campus where students can practice their right of the first amendment. If they are to practice free speech out of these zones, legal charges could be imposed on them. In my opinion, free speech zones are ridiculous and unnecessary. First and foremost, students are not attending college for free. Students pay tuition and have a right to be on campus. They are citizens of the United States and free speech is a right protected by the United States Constitution. According to “Don’t Cage My Speech!”, The University of Cincinnati lost a lawsuit against a student who was fighting the idea that he could not petition outside of the free speech zone. In this case, it was ruled that free speech zones were unconstitutional. Even with this ruling, some colleges continue to enforce free speech
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