Freedom Writers Analysis

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The movie Freedom Writers takes place in Long Beach, California and was written and directed by Richard LaGravenese (IMBd). The main characters consist of Mrs. Erin Gruwell, her husband Scott, Eva Benetiz, Andre Bryant, Gloria Munez, Jamal Hill, Alejandro Santiago, and many more. A first year teacher, Erin Gruwell, gets a job at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California. Her students are newly integrated students in the school system and struggle to want to learn. During the time period, there was a lot of racial tension and gang violence. Many of her students were in gangs or experienced violence in their lifetimes. Her students couldn’t see a point in trying to learn and hated the fact that they had to be in school to begin with; they truly believed that after high school there was no hope for them. Mrs. Gruwell encouraged them to learn by playing games and choosing literature that they could relate to. She went above and beyond by getting three jobs to provide funding for field trips, books, and supplies for her class. Through her hard fought efforts, she sparked an interest in her students and they began writing every day in their diaries or journals. Despite the fact that she was only qualified to teach freshmen and sophomores, she was able to convince the school board to let her continue on with her students through their entire high school career. Many of her students were the first to graduate in their families. This inspiring story is still very

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