French Gel Manicure Essay

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French Gel Manicure

Firstly, What is a French manicure?
The word French manicure was launched by American actresses a few years ago. It is compared to the French touch to talk about a technique of beautification of the nails with a careful, elegant and distinguished, as are the French.

The most surprising is that in France, it was called the American manicure since it is the Americans who launched this fashion.

Now just take a look at how French Gel Manicure is done.

The French Gel manicure is a technique that makes beautiful nails and therefore the hand, in a simple way but with a neat and refined result.

Here are the steps of the French Gel manicure carried out in the salons by professionals:

Capsule placement on nails
If you have healthy nails, beautiful shape, long enough and not breaking easily, you will not need to have capsules. The French manicure can be done directly on your nails. …show more content…

Preparation of the nail before laying

At this stage, the prosthetist will prepare the nail to receive the gel. This preparation is important for the gel to hold well and durably.

To begin, it will disinfect your hands and remove the remains of your old varnish with a non-greasy, non-scented solvent and a non-pellicles cotton to avoid leaving cotton residue on the nails, which would prevent the capsule from Adhere well to the nail.

It will then file and sand the nail to equalize it and push the cuticle so that everything is clean on the surface. Thanks to the regrowth of the cuticle, the result will be clearer at the base.

Finally, it will remove all the residue and clean the nail with a special cleaner.

How is the capsule

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