Freshly Chosen Force

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Freshly Chosen Force
By Lucille Ann Chozas Journalist is a group of writers who aims at mass audience. They should have discipline, willingness, punctuality and truthfulness in every articles they are about to make. July 20, 2013 ------ The Lakers Chronicles, counsel by Mrs. Bernadette Daquil declares its new staff of journalist for school year 2013-2014, during the last day of their Journalism Training at Lakes City Christian School (4-Benjamin room). So here it goes, Jellyzza Mae Capuno- Editor in Chief; Arhashaine Millette Bagsic- Associate Editor; News Writers- Toni Rose Torres (Editor), Vanessa Martinez, Jhaster Michael Gapangada and Ana Geil Madrona; Tech-news Writers- Samantha Anne Alip (Editor), Camille Elyn Brion and Irwin
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Peñol. The sound projects are already approved by the principal. The other requests of the officers are still un-hold. Afterwards, the SSG officers and the adviser are thankful to Rev. Jose O. Peñol for the approval of their projects.

New Teachers Voice
By Lalaine Senapilo Teachers? They are the one who give us instructions, help us to gain more knowledge and to choose the best for us. We all know that it is hard to be a student especially when we do mistakes. We are a big disappointment for them, but not all the teachers think that way. Sometimes they just want us to learn from our mistakes. In Lakes City Christian School, teachers are the best model for every student. A Filipino teacher who graduated in LSPU, Ms. Jonna F. Necerio, is the adviser of 7-Simeon. She believes that every students need to improve not just their knowledge but also their whole personality. Have knowledge in cooking and a Filipino major, Ms. Chealky Exconde. She also graduated in LSPU. Good attitude, right conduct and more knowledge especially in Filipino, that’s what she believes in. The adviser of 8-Zebulum, Ms. Jean Romulo. She loves solving problems, deriving equations and everything about mathematics that’s why she’s a math major. Artistic alumni of DLSP said, “If the students do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they don’t realize how complicated life is.” Graduated in Laguna College with the course of BSCS. He is a
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