Essay on “Friends of Dorothy” Unite Against Prejudice

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“Friends of Dorothy” Unite
Homosexual, gay, queer, faggot, fairy, queen, dyke, all words to describe an individual with same sex proclivities. To be a gay in the 1950s and 1960s was to be asking for a death wish. Gay individuals in America were subjected to an anti-homosexual legal system that denied these individuals with their basic rights and freedoms. In 1952, Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder by the American Psychistric Association in the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual. Communities were often the subject to the eradication of homosexuals from neighborhoods, parks, bars, and beaches. Local and State governments quickly organized and banned the wearing of opposite gender clothing with universities expelling professors …show more content…

The night of the 27th was different and the bar was not aware of the impending raid. Early morning, at 1:20 AM on Saturday June 28th, 1969 the raid commenced with two patrol officers, Detective Charles Smythe and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine, in addition to four plainclothes officers, entered the premises announcing, “Police We’re taking the place!” The group inside the club however did not follow the normal procedure. Standard procedure dictated that the inside patrons were to line up and present identification, those who were dressed as women were taken into the restroom to verify their sex by female officers which normally results in arrests. That night, however, those dressed as women refused to be manhandled by officers and stood their ground, in addition to the men in line who refused to produce identification. As individuals were being released from the front door to the street, the patrons did not leave. The patrons stayed and gathered in larger and larger groups until approximately one hundred and fifty people were standing outside, some who were not even customers but rather people passing by who

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