Friendship In Friendship

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C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings are bursting with stories of friendships that warm our hearts as readers and offer us an invitation into the narrative. Friendship played an important role in Lewis and Tolkien’s works, and can be seen as an invitation to participate in their stories. I would like to propose in this paper that friendship in myth is a vision of the ‘already, but not yet’ age that we live in and that Lewis and Tolkien’s stories can impact how we live out our own friendships.
We live in a time of the ‘already, but not yet,’ and by this, I mean that we live in a time and space between Christ’s first coming and His second coming. As believer’s in Christ, we have the Holy Spirit and we live under grace, no longer under law. We have been freed from the slavery of sin and are no longer under its dominion. However, in this age, while we see many promises come through Christ and the Holy Spirit, we still feel and experience the affects of sin and death still reigns. “The days are evil” and we see the evidence of evil pervasively in our lives. Through Christ’s first coming, we are now partakers in the divine nature , we share in Christ’s nature, but this is not our experience right now on earth. While we share the divine nature in our knowledge and understanding to an extent, we do not share in the divine nature in experience or feeling yet. But we have hope because one day the ‘already’ will be in

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