From Heaven to Hell Essay

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It was a pleasant day in Villaviva as usual. The white picket fences gleamed in the sun and the trimmed maple trees lining the sidewalk swayed in the zephyrs. The crystal blue lake that stretched for miles was glistening and the leaves of the lush green forest rustled gently. Kelly Tate balanced a straw basket on her hip as she picked some fresh peppers from The Grove, a garden where food was everlasting, ranging anywhere from bread to cherries. A couple of peppers fell to the ground but Kelly ignored them. Someone who works here will pick them up, she thought. But as soon as she flipped her strawberry blonde hair behind her, her arm started to tingle. She glanced at the moral compass attached to her forearm and noticed the tiny copper …show more content…

Kelly thought he was going insane. Her 9th grade class would call him Luke the Lunatic. Luke would always try to talk to Kelly whenever he had the chance. Today was one of those days. “I’m not kidding Kelly. They are going crazy!” “No Luke, I think you are,” she murmured under her breath. She felt a small shock and sighed. Part of being Good meant being kind to everyone. Kelly wasn’t bothered by the rule; she just wished it didn’t apply to certain people. “They shocked someone to death because she had a cold. They’re trying to prevent disease from spreading in some twisted way. I think they’re going to end up killing basically everyone!” he whispered hysterically with his brown eyes bulging. Kelly nonchalantly looked up at Luke, who was a head taller than her and drawled, “Whatever Luke, I gotta go now.” She slipped past him and smiled at a mother and her baby. They waved back. Kelly pushed through the green house doors, jogged to the hover board parking lot and her food bounced behind her like jumping beans in a hot pot. She zoomed past the identical Tudor houses and slowed to stop at her home, 16 Hollow Terrace. Kelly ran up the brick houses and burst through the door. “Mom, I’m home,” she yelled and plopped the groceries on the granite kitchen counter. She sat down on a stool and browsed through a fashion magazine but was soon interrupted by Ingrid, Kelly’s younger sister coming bounding down the stairs.
“Kelly, Kelly, can we please play

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