Functions And Functions Of Management

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There are four primary functions involving management, which are considered the very life line and it’s existent. These four functions are instrumental and detrimental to the success and longevity of any company. Without these vital staples, a company is doomed before it is birth, and they are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. However, there is another essential component to the functions of management, and it is the important of diversity. In this paper I will identify the detailed function of these different components of management and explain their importance.
With the most essential components being the planning phase, it is crucial that this particular entity is implemented correctly. With the other functions widely …show more content…

The results of the performance will determine the reward or reprimand issued to the employee.
While these are important functions of management, there are other equally important aspects of management, and they are the management of diverse and important. Management of diverse relates to the differences among individuals with in an organization. Diversity comprises of the race, gender, personality, education, ethnic group and the background of an individual to name a few. With America evolving into this enormous melting pot, different cultures and nationalities are able to integrate together as one within the confines of the workforce.
Workplace diversity involves building a culture to unity dissimilar individuals to work collectively toward the same goal. This type of comradery builds mutual respect among workers and fosters a presence of cohesiveness. There are times when perfect unity is challenging to achieve among coworkers. However, the visible presence of the different strengths and talents achieved from a diverse group gains undeniable respect from their cohorts.
Although the majority of us choose to live in perfect harmony, realistically this is not always the case. Yes, it is inevitable to experience conflict in the workplace; however, it is essential to create a resolution for each misunderstanding. Resolving workplace diversity conflicts eliminate possible litigations, as well as minimize probable lawsuits. Attaining a

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