Functions of Marketing and Public Relations

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Functions of Marketing. A market analysis is a method used to determine the current market and understand the competition. By analysing what’s trending you can use this to identify an audience, and improve sales by creating what people want. A marketing strategy is a plan identifying your target market, goals and objectives. It should include the 4 P’s. The purpose of a marketing strategy is to provide you with a structure and time limits. Advertising is an effective way to communicate. Advertising is used to sell your product apart from the competition, and encourage your target market to take an interest in your campaign/product to create awareness. The function of brand promotion is to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales. It’s important to maintain a good image and be better and different from your competition. Evian is a well-known water brand. Over the years, it has excelled in promoting itself with a clear theme, babies. They use babies in all of their adverts to ‘represent something pressure and pure’ like their water. They started using babies a few years back, but in 2013, they created ‘Baby and Me’. They promote their brand in various different ways. Evian created an app which allows you to see yourself as a baby, which is a great marketing technique. Functions of PR Clear communication is important when managing the message, because people need to know what’s happening. Managing the message is used to tell a ‘story’ to its audience
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