Fundamentals of Local Area Networks Essay

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1. A family wishes to connect several devices to share an internet connection and a Bluetooth wireless printer. They have three personal computers. One is in the same room as the printer. The other two are together in another room. In addition, they want to utilize the network for an internet-enabled television and a VoIP phone.
• Describe what network device or devices you would recommend they purchase and explain why.
My recommendations for this family are to subscribe to a cable internet or DSL service provider. They will need a modem which acts as the gateway for their network. I would have then purchase a wireless Concurrent dual band 802.11n router and wiring that connect the modem to the router. This would allow them to connect …show more content…

File serving allows users to share information over the network. The main purpose of a file server is to reduce the amount of storage programs, applications, and files take up on a client’s workstation. A file server can also house database table information (White, 2011).
Mail serving is a computer that keeps a record of each email that goes in and out of the network (White, 2011).
Print serving usually a computer that is connected to one or more printers that other client workstations can connect to, that accepts print jobs and sends them to the appropriate printer or assigns the print jobs the appropriate priority (White, 2011).
Video/media serving this allows for streaming of videos on demand, and for the storage, and recall, of digital media, including pictures, music, and videos (White, 2011). Monitoring and Distributed Processing can s be utilized to monitor network resources and health, but when workstations are idle, the processor’s power can be put to good use by applying that power to other processes, thus by increasing overall efficiency (White, 2011).

• Show which of these applications would you combine together on a single server and which you would use separate servers for. Explain your choices of which to combine and which to leave separate.

The applications I would combine are the mail serving, file serving, video/media serving because combining these file will save a lot of

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