Funding For School And College Collaboration

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Funding For School and College Collaboration Next, a review will be provided dealing with how programs that may aid in this area of concern may be funded. There have been six primary sources of funding for school and college collaborations:
• colleges and universities
• schools
• corporate partners
• non-partner corporations
• individuals
• foundations (Warren, 1991)
Higher management in corporate America attributed the lack of communication between corporate America and colleges to the poor education and training of its prospective employees. The pervasive belief was that there were issues to be dealt with in the areas of primary, secondary, and higher education. To address these issues various business oriented programs and curriculums have been designed in educational programs throughout the United States. These programs were inclusive of but not limited to the placement of elementary counselors, vocational education programs, mandatory business courses, comprehensive examinations, graduate examinations, and mandatory technology courses.
Now, the educator’s perspective will be reviewed. The world of university and school collaboration seems to be gradually entering a new phase, with both new opportunities and some unfamiliar challenges. A major stimulus for change stems from the rapid and sustained rise of the standards movement in American education. There was broad agreement that the priority for school improvement was deciding what should be taught and the levels of
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