Funeral Home Descriptive Writing

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Walking into the funeral home, I felt the air engulf me in a warm blanket, slowly unfreezing my body from the cold I had just been in. The entrance was packed with a sea of people wearing black, most of which I did had no idea who they were. There, I stood on my tiptoes, trying to pick out a familiar face in the crowd. Finally, I saw the father of the girl we came to the funeral home to see walk over to my parents. His face was pale and blank, and I saw his face contort from a grimace to a forced smile before approaching them. Words were exchanged, and suddenly we were being led into the crowd. Weaving in between people, we were led down a congested hallway to a room on the right side of the hall. Looking to the left, there were a few scattered chairs and two couches, one facing me and the other facing the back wall. Behind the couches were huge picture frames on easels, stretching in a line from the middle of the room to the far left of it. To my right was the body, with bright, …show more content…

My stomach turned at the sight of her. Her hands appeared leathery and gray, with a dry, cracked, thick layer of pink makeup covering them. Her torso looked like someone had pumped air in it, as it was completely disproportionate to the rest of body. Moving to her head, her face, like her hands, had a revolting gray-pink tone to it, with little bumps showering her whole face. Her hair looked like a poorly made wig, made to mimic the hair that she had before she passed. Retro blue eyeshadow was stamped on her eyelids, paired with ugly thick black lines that circled around her eyeballs. With a sickening feeling in my stomach, I said what I felt I needed to say, and said my final goodbyes as I knew it would be too hard to go back up there again. From there, I trudged along to look at the various pictures displayed in the

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