Fusion Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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What are the disadvantages of fusion energy?
Fusion energy provides many environmental benefits will make much more effective and other sources when we are able to achieve commercial fusion energy. Unfortunately, it is also plagued by some key limitations that prevent fusion from becoming a commercial success. Firstly, fusion energy is extremely costly with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor(ITER) forecast to cost around 20 billion dollars , the US pumping 450 million dollars a year into the 3.5-billion-dollar National Ignition Facility(NIF) facility, the costs of fusion aren’t slowing down.

Fusion energy research has proved problematic and there is the risk that commercialised fusion energy may just be impossible. Fusion researchers have been conducting experiments since the 1970, yet they have been unable to create a fusion power plant cable of producing a higher net energy than the amount required to start the reaction for over 40 years. This leads to another dilemma which is the current timeline of fusion energy. The ITER, is currently aiming to demonstrate 500MW of fusion energy for 400 second currently states that the first plasma will not be created until 2025. The deuterium-tritium operation will not begin until 2035. This means that commercially viable magnetic confinement fusion will not be commercially viable until at least 2050. This is also assuming the ITER results go according to plan.

This extreme timeline

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