Karl Grandin, Peter Jagers, And Sven Kullander Wrote An

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Karl Grandin, Peter Jagers, and Sven Kullander wrote an article called Nuclear Energy that explains what some of the key concerns of using nuclear energy are. They say that everyone 's worried about six key issues while using nuclear energy. These key issues are safety, nuclear waste, non-proliferation, fuel availability, life cycle analysis, and economic competitiveness. In this article they state “Nuclear energy can play a role in carbon free production of electrical energy, thus making it interesting for tomorrow’s energy mix. However, several issues have to be addressed. In fission technology, the design of so called fourth generation reactors show great promise, in particular in addressing materials efficiency and safety issues” …show more content…

A huge part of why people oppose nuclear energy is because of the safety issues that come with nuclear reactors. The Hill is a news agency that has written an article on nuclear safety and the accidents that have recently happened. They also took a poll on how many Americans favor nuclear energy and how many favor it who live in cities with nuclear reactors. They state:
While we have recently experienced a coal mine tragedy, a devastating oil spill and the deadly explosion of a natural-gas pipeline, there has never been a death from a nuclear accident at an American commercial reactor. There has never been a nuclear-related death aboard an American nuclear Navy vessel, either. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that working in the nuclear industry is safer than working in the finance, insurance and real estate sectors. According to a Gallup poll in March 2010, 62 percent of Americans favor nuclear power — an all-time high. In communities that already have reactors, support runs even higher. (HILL)
In this poll that they took an all time high of sixty two percent of Americans favor nuclear energy. When they did the same poll but with Americans that live in locations with nuclear reactors, the residents were even more supportive of nuclear energy. In the same article they mention that nuclear energy is best for ten reasons. These ten reasons are zero

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