Future Fuel Is A Small Oil Company Essay

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Future Fuel
Future Fuel is a small oil company characterized by individuals who are supporters of sustainability and have legitimate concern for the environment and are also aware of the growing 'green ' movement .As a result we have plans of increasing the research and development budget for seeking new renewable and viable alternative sources of energy as well as equipping the headquarters and 8 other sites in the west with renewable energy systems .Questions like what we are aiming to achieve, our position on corporate social responsibility, what the company owe to shareholders ,what return on investment is required, and finally how we shall balance the needs of shareholders and the need to innovate will be examined below;

Our mission
Sustainability is a major driving force in most businesses today, and the rise of sustainability in the market has brought major economic and financial impact on businesses today. Sustainability as defined by the United Nations is the process of meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. (McKee 2012, page 561). Companies which are considered environmentally unfriendly face a lot of threats when it comes to finance. Therefore oil and gas companies that produce environmental unfriendly bi products face critical supervision from both policy makers and consumers.
Given that the stock of Future Fuel has been less than stellar from

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