Future Shock Reflection

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REFLECTION No one can tell what changes can become and what changes can leads us. In Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock, it signifies the life style evolution from past generation to the future (which is in digital age). Since this book was published in the year 1970, the future that he meant is exactly what today generation experiences. In Future shock, most of the written issues in the book were happened; it is happening and not impossible to happen. In this book, He gave emphasis to what increasingly rate of change can do to people. Within a short period of time, the world is abruptly changes that bring confusion and too much shock to every individual. As what the author predicted, technology changed rapidly from time to time. If you cannot easily adapt to what the future will be, you might feel stress and disorientation. It is more important to be prepared and bear in mind that changes occur every time. This is what Toffler is trying to convey with the people so that a …show more content…

People before are contented on simple life. They are satisfied with the simple machines that are available in their generation but it is way too different from the current age. It is visible that some of our parents have difficulties in embracing the technology-based of the present. They have a hard time to cope up with millennial and more behind from modern technology-age for they are still practicing their primitive ways which is not appropriate in today’s generation. It is somehow sad to know that our technology is in a rapid change while the people were left behind. This people are experiencing future shock because of the vast change causes by technology that we know no one can control. But what is the most important thing about this book, was made as a reminder that we have the freedom of choice, and every freedom corresponds with responsibility, and every responsibility take an action and every action takes its

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