Future Warriors Network : Chip Varner

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Future Warriors Network

Chip Varner
September 9, 2015
Williams, Jeffrey L.

The military is an organism made up of many organism. Each organism makes the next one better. The earlier days the military was small and moved as one. The purpose for this was to keep the communication as quick as possible at the time. The main brain of this earlier organism was no more than a week ride from the smaller and larger organism. So if the one part needed to relay information to and from each other, an individual would ride to the main part of the organism.
As time passed the organisms realized that it could train pigeons to carry their messages. The pigeons could fly faster than a rider could ride to their destination. The
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During this difficult time of reliable communications, the messenger transportation improved mostly improving his speed. The military adopted motorcycles, bicycles and automobiles and creating a very small organism called the messenger service.
When the military developed the ability of flight they had to rethink the communication issues of ground to air and air to air. They started with ground to air communication. This began with the pilots having to to land to send and receive messages. Later on the military developed black and white strips to communicate with aircraft in the air. These stripes would be laid out in a prearranged pattern to relay a message to the pilot. These were the only methods of communication with aircraft for a long period of time. It wasn’t until very high frequencies and frequency modulation was developed that pilots could communicate to other pilots, ground forces and their bases.
During WWII these radios made it from the top to platoon level of every individual organism. Also came, jamming transmitters making their appearance during this time. These transmitters were able to interfere with radio channels, radars, navigation and any other electronic equipment of the enemy. The military also employed teletypewriters, televisions and an electronic brain. The Electronic brain was a prehistoric version of the 1970s and 80s punch card computers. It was used to process
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