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1 The Future of Nursing Cathleen Atkins Grand Canyon University September 16th, 2012 The Future 2 The future of healthcare is dependent upon the role nurses play in the care of the patient. A committee was formed between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine to address the needs of reformation of nursing. The purpose of the study was multifold. The study looked at ways to reform our healthcare system to meet the challenges of safe, quality patient care while maintaining affordability and accessibility with the help of a transformed nursing profession. The transformation of the nursing profession focuses on three main areas. The areas include education, nurse practice setting, and the nurses’ role…show more content…
Nurses with their BSN The Future 3 degree is usually favored over the ADN degree nurse to be hired in an acute setting. Although there is a shortage of nursing faculty the ADN degree student has a variety of options open to them to obtain their BSN degree. Many colleges and universities offer an online program to achieve higher education. The nurse practice setting is an ever evolving entity. Legislation is underway to shift healthcare toward prevention and wellness, primary care and transitional care settings. The shift will deviate from the areas of acute and specialty care. Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners play an important role in the primary care setting. Most ARNP’s are limited in their scope of practice by the state in which they live, although they received the education to provide advanced care. Sometimes the ARNP’s extensive and specialized training cannot be put to use because of policy regulations or barriers. Some barriers have resulted because of a limited work force while other barriers are due to a flawed healthcare system. An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner’s education has taught them how to work with different entities to successfully take care of a chronically ill patient. ARNPs’ can work with a team of physical therapists, nutritionists or social workers to help manage the overall health of the patient. If the patient’s condition is more complex than what the ARNP can take care of then the

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