Homosexuality And Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Homosexuality and same sex marriage seems to be the hot issue of the world today. To be completely truthful, homosexuality has always existed, in different places and in different religions. The openness of this love has varied due to a cultures opinions. Homosexuality has truly nothing to do with religion, is not a choice, in no form makes people more likely to be a child molester, and occurs naturally. Some people argue that G-d condemns homosexuality, but in no religious text does G-d himself condemn homosexuals. In fact, most religions believe that repenting for a sin causes G-d to forgive you and you may be admitted into heaven or the Garden of Eden.
In nature, many species exhibit homosexuality, such as, lions, bison, dolphins, nearly …show more content…

Homosexuality has been recorded from the Vatican to St. Petersburg from 8th to 18th centuries. In America, homosexuality was common in indigenous tribes, deriving from the concept of the two-spirited individual. Celts once considered homosexuality and honor. Cretans used homosexuals to regulate the population. Etoro and Marind people saw heterosexuality as sin and celebrated homosexuality instead. Even renown cultures had homosexuals in power. All ancient Roman emperors except Claudius had male lovers. Homosexuals were permitted in ancient Persia in seminaries and monasteries. Not until the arrival of Christian missionaries and Europeans conquestors was homosexuality regulated or banned. In Latin America, homosexuality was openly practice until Spanish conquerors came and we're horrified to discover what was going on, because that had never occurred in their home country. The conquers publicly killed the homosexual natives and even let them be torn to pieces by dogs. The only reason homosexuality was regulated was fear rather than …show more content…

One misconception is that homosexuality is a new ‘hip’ trend. The oldest monotheistic religion is Judaism, the holy book, the Torah was written in either 1312 BCE (according to orthodox rabbis) or 1280 BCE (there are two differs dates according to the Talmud). Some of the earliest recordings of homosexuality were in China, in 600 BCE. Writings from the Liu Song Dynasty by Wang Shunu claimed that in the third century, that homosexuality was as common as heterosexuality. Opposition to homosexuals did not begin until the Tang Dynasty, (618-907), due to the rise of Islamic and Christian values. Another misconception is that being homosexual is a choice. The APA found that being lesbians, gay or bisexual was not a mental illness and was regular in human sexuality. They also found that people have little to no control over their sexuality, and trying to change that can cause mental conflict. Another misconception is that homosexuals are child molesters. A 1994 study found that in 269 cases molestation, that only two identified as gay or lesbian. The attempt of religion to show disdain towards homosexuals is also invalid. Most people that look down upon homosexuals, do not follow every single rule in their holy text, instead quote a few lines, even though all lines are supposed to carry the same weight. Today, homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Northern

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