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Bacon tomatoes!? Tomatoes and eggs!??!?

Genetically modified food have been the subject of much controversy lately. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are a broad group of plants, animals and bacteria that are engineered for a wide for a variety of purposes ranging from agricultural production to scientific research. The types of potential perils posed by GMO vary depending on the type of organism being modified and its intended purpose (EOH, 2003).

What are the medical, environmental, legal, social issues that surround this issue?

All GM foods in Australia have to meet premarket safety assessments imposed by the government and must comply with the Australia New Zealand food standard code (Better health
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There are concerns with introducing a new gene into food could cause allergic reactions to some people (Chaury, 2004). Genetically engineered Soya bean containing Brazilian nut protein was a potential allergy to humans and was withdrawn from its production (pioneerio, 2015).Environmental Protection agencies note that most pesticides have been linked to nervous system disturbances, visual and skin irritations, also endocrine problems REFERENCE. Furthermore scientist believe , besides from allergic reactions , GM foods do not pose any other threat to human health , however there’s no long term studies conducted to prove this…show more content…
The views of Food production companies and customers vary greatly. Food production companies and farmers believe the advantages of GMO’s currently outweigh the disadvantages and will continue to do so into the future. Farmers and Food production companies believe genetically modified crops do not need pesticides to achieve stronger protection and resistance against various kinds of pests, insects and bacteria that may destroy it, (REFERENCE).
Customers believe that GM foods can be used to change the properties of the crop through the addition of nutrients, making them taste better, or through the reduction of growing time (Chaury, 2004). The food and agricultural organization of the United Nations believes that some GM foods have been modified to be more nutritious, through minerals or vitamin content (Duvauchelle, 2014). This is highly valued in developing countries where malnutrition rates are extremely high.

How is this a local and national issue?
GM foods effects local and national communities. GM foods is a local issue as it effects local farmers because of food production companies such as Monsanto, which sell their products worldwide. The export market makes GM foods a local and national issue. Makes it an issue at local level for those who buy GM foods as they may or may not be aware of their
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