GPS Assignment Analysis

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Over the course of the three months that I was continuously working on my GPS assignment, I eventually came to the realization that managing the time it took to do the tasks required for the assignment, while balancing my other course was much more tedious than I previously imagined. I would subconsciously give more attention to my other course work above the GPS assignment since the due date was further away.
Not only was that one of the issues I faced while completing the GPS, I also had to find time to even participate in the events. Normally after my last course finishes, I drive directly home due to me having obligations at home with my family. Because I compensated, it made me complete the GPS much more time consuming due to me having to stretch out which events I had time to attend.
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To be specific, the resource that I believe I benefited from the most was undoubtedly the writing center. At first, I was hesitant to go because I have the confidence that I am a good writer, but alas I decided to go regardless. And although I had very few superficial mistakes in my essays, having someone to sit down and talk me through what I am writing and guild me to a better direction if needed was incredibly helpful and rewarding.
In the end, I developed a good group of acquaintances through the time it took to do my assignment. It was interesting to find people with similar interests as me, that I would not have found without having to do the GPS. The people I met have various ideas for what future they want for themselves such as careers paths, and yet we were still able to make a
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