GRE verbal

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Not surprisingly, the (i) ____________ of the printing press (ii) ____________ mass literacy, as books were no longer (iii) ____________ exclusive to the clergy and aristocracy. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) prospect subsidized tokens advent engendered windfalls triumph ameliorated assets Question 1 of 62 Dickens’s Uriah Heep, literature’s exemplar of (i) ____________, is doubtlessly not a unique figure either in fiction or in life. Who in real life has not seen (ii) ____________, cringing, sycophantic headwaiters, public servants, and car salespeople? Surely, Dickens was our premiere caricaturist, able to capture specific and recognizable human (iii) ____________ with broad strokes of…show more content…
Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) tempered comical blushing overwhelmed restrained vacillation untrammeled racy expression Question 55 of 62 Some note that the increase in the Native American powwow--an intertribal affair of song, dance, and storytelling, all intrinsic aspects of Native American culture--serves to (i) ______________ the very culture it presumably aims to (ii) ______________. They argue an overarching cultural narrative emerges, one that (iii)______________ the narrative of any one tribe. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) erode foster subsumes distill undermine elaborates upon empower question overcomes Question 54 of 62 Edgar Allen Poe biographers tend to fall into two camps: those who try to rescue the man himself from a macabre world in which fate had decreed nothing less than a(n) (i) ______________ outcome, and those who (ii) ______________ that very myth, treating the subject as one for whom a life of tragedy was (iii) ______________ . Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) dire dispute all but inevitable unforeseen hold fast to clearly unexpected auspicious squelch hardly
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