Gail Jones's novel 'sixty lights' presents contemporary ideas, despite being set in the 19th century. Discuss

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'Sixty lights' a tantalizing novel by Gail Jones, tells us the story of Lucy Strange and her fascination with light and photographic technology. Jones creates a vivid image of the world through Lucy's eyes; she not only takes the readers on a journey through Lucy's life but the lives of people who surround Lucy. "Sixty Lights" presents contemporary ideas despite being set in the c19th. Jones manifests these ideas through her preference of characters, Lucy as an artist and the scientific methods and photography.
"Sixty Lights "evidently shows Lucy is an artist with contemporary ideas. Like artists of today Lucy recognises art everywhere she goes. Lucy witnesses the 'horrifying image of an Indian man scaffolding to his death', and being
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Isaac found Neville charming, sensitive, good-natured and comical'. Importantly this was not acceptable in the C19th. If you expressed your feelings for a person of the same gender, then you would not be respected in society. People didn't go around expressing their feelings for the same gender, opposed to people today. Isaac is similar to people of today because we are able to freely express our feelings.

Jones's writing uses scientific methods and photography that are similar to today. "We shall one day, far in the future have the means to capture the exact colour of your hair". Lucy's method of capturing the exact colour is what we are able to do today with our cameras. We are able to capture the exact colour of an object in a photo. "People in the future would see in their glass boxes improbable conjunctions and fabulous spectacles and the play of a million surrounding images". Lucy's method is very much into the future, it's a scientific method we have today called
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