Games : A Real Sport

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Games: A real Sport In our culture, there are many ways to entertain such as music, film, book, and of course, game is one of them. But when we indicate games, most of people will think a negative influence instead of looking at all its positive side. Parents always say to their children Playing games is a waste of time and there is no gain from that. However, online games especially competitive games are not that bad and playing games should be encouraged by everyone. Games or E-sport should be considered as a national sport because it contains teamwork and effort of players, it has its own rules and mind game between players during playing, and it can also present for the nation.
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With the comfort and convenient of the house, players always practice at least 8 hours a day including going through new strategies, scrimmage with other teams, and practice their own skills. However, if the season become more and more serious, players has to work way harder. In college basketball, during March Madness, every team need to give more effort in and out court so in the practice, everyone in the team must train way more intense than before. So did gamers. “Idra Fields, a former StarCraft super star, talked about his training schedule which excluded any activity that wasn 't eating, sleeping and practicing. Basically, Fields said, his team played for 12 hours a day with one or two days off a month.” (Stanton 1) Therefore, when discuss about a successful person in any sports or games, they must always have passion and hard-work.
Secondly, beside players’ effort, in team-based game, teamwork is a key to succeed. Pretending if in the football team, quarterback always disconnects with the running back or wide receivers, then they will never make a play or even move one yard. Two of the most popular games now is League of Legends and Counter Strike. If your teammates do not know how to understand what steps you are going to take, the whole fight will certainly mess up and lose. For example, in

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