Gaming and Club Management

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250 WORDS ANWSERS FOR EACH QUESTION 1. According to Delfabbro (2009) games of chance can be classified across four dimensions. Explain one of these dimensions and identify a form of gambling at each extreme point of this dimension.
Delfabbro(2009) has mentioned that locational characteristics is also influences the nature of gambling activities such as whether they can play at home, alone, a groups, at casino, or can be on telephone and on internet. Besides, the locational characteristics of gambling play a significant role in people’s choice of gambling activity (Productivity Commission, 1999).
Different venue can also affect social relationships, and environmental air at the scene of gambling activities. Players prefer to engage
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Report No. 10, AusInfo, Canberra. pp 3.16-3.17
Richard McGowan, 2008, The Gambling Debate, USA, pp. 39-40.

2. Do you agree with the statement that “People gamble because it is fun”. Explain why or why not.
I agree that “People gamble because it is fun”. According to Panos Markopoulos, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Duncan Rowland (2008) that fun is enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure things that make people feel happy to do it. Related to gambling, fun means the feeling of excitement, emotional ups and downs, make the people have an impassioned feeling to addict the game.
Van Hoff, H, Vallen G, McDonald M & Weiner (2007) indicated that there are three major reasons people gamble for fun such as entertainment, social activity and exhilaration. Entertainment is an activity that helps people achieves a distraction from the boredom and the difficulties of daily life. (William Norman Thompson, 2001) Gambling offer a sources of entertainment because gambling give an excitement when the players join in the new games. Beside the entertainment, gambling can be defined as a social activity such as a great way to relax from stressful life, sadness or depression, to feel more powerful, to be in control of social situations, to feel less shy, and to make friends. (Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Rina Gupta, 2004) Moreover, the exhilaration can give the gambler quite an adrenaline rush when sharing exciting moment of
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